Fall Winter 2021

Warm delicate colors, soft fabrics and simple silhouettes embody calm femininity, adding a portion of chicness to cold autumn weekdays. All knits are carefully handcrafted in Ukraine.
Fall Winter 2021 collection cover
Model in Better Julie dress

Better Julie dress €420

Model in Gisele brassiere

Gisele brassiere €200

Model in Dancer dress

Dancer dress €510

Model in Nastya shorts

Nastya shorts €215

Model in Sabina cardigan

Sabina cardigan €460

Model in Kyle top

Kyle top €365

Model in Greece dress

Greece dress €540

Model in Vlada skirt

Vlada skirt €350

Model in Sasha brassiere

Sasha brassiere €200

Model in Paris dress

Paris dress €485

Model in Zhenia skirt

Zhenia skirt €380

Model in Sunday shorts

Sunday shorts €340

Model in Dnipro bodysuit

Dnipro bodysuit €215

Model in November sweater

November sweater €485