Resort 2020


This collection is the essence of Anna October feminine style with focus on evening and resort dresses.

 The inspiration- 2000s, Dido, Romeo+Juliette, Arctic, being in love and feeling of harmony.

 Words for explaining the direction- neat, laconic, romantic, conscious fashion

 In this collection Anna October Ladie is showing more of a body because she is more healthy, confident and doing sports.  

New attitude in chosing fabrics- we used some stock fabrics, in order not to produce new, as it’s more sustainable to use resurses we have. Oter fabrics are high quality itailian silk and japaneece wool and polyester, which brings the quality for pieces to stay longer in use. 

Anna October client is hedonistic woman- she buys clothes to upfill her collection of pieces she likes, it’s a part of her art of living. Her collection is consistent as she is. This collection is about consistency and relaxed confidence.

 There is so many things produced- we have to take care of our planet and use ready recources and create pieces that will stay in the wardrobe longer.  

I want my clients to spend on clothes less, but more conscious, to value what they buy and have a great experience wearing it. 

Joy and pleasure- is what this clothes was created for. 

The feeling that inspires me is the aftertaste after meetings, travels, a beautiful talk with a same minded person- this motional experience is the driving force for me to create, this is something I want my clients to experience when they wear my collection.

And then to create new stories wearing my collection. I believe in idea of changes from external to internal- so sometimes putting on the new style with different attitude you can become a different person or find a new angle of yourself, its interesting to play with this.


Anna October was launched 9 years ago with a great passion and energy, the logo was embodying the strength, rhythm, character. Now my values moved to relaxed, feminine and pace off, I want