Resort 2021

I created the Resort 2021 collection during the quarantine. It has been a very special time that I spent at home with my boyfriend and when I opened new facets of myself, my femininity and my sensibility. Home lifestyle has formed a new attitude to things and clothing. Many goods have lost their value in the current situation, people started to give preference to simple and convenient things. For me, the desire of comfort and coziness, but at the same the wish to feel sexual and attractive are embodied in lingerie. So, lingerie detailing has become the main style metaphor in this collection.

This collection is shrouded in a sense of comfort and harmony. It transferers the atmosphere of home coziness, and tenderness to loved ones.

The Resort 2021 is made of dead stock fabrics and eco-friendly materials. The idea of slow living is implemented in the collection by using techniques like a hand knitting. I wish clients felt that each item is unique in its own way, it takes time to create it, and the customer could sense the warmth of the hands that made it. I want people to value what they buy and to have a great experience wearing it.

Anna October